Shaving Cream

220mL - 7.4 FL. OZ.

Refreshing shaving cream made with menthol and eucalyptus, mildly scented with Tabacco toscano cologne. Instructions:  massage on the face with a brush until foamy, then shave. After shaving, rinse and use Lozione Dopobarba or Emulsione Analcolica.

220 mL - 7.4 FL.OZ.


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Will A Applegate
The best of the best

Unmatched in class and category. This is the ultimate premium product for shaving. Highest quality ingredients, amazing for skin, incredible scent. Need this back in stock ASAP!

Alex Norman
Pricey, but worth it

I've used most of the traditional and artisan shave soaps and creams, from MDC and ABC, Valobra, Barrister and Mann, Eufros, Declaration Grooming, etc. SMN cream (more like a soft soap) provides a shave that is unbeatable, and the scent -- a combination of tabacco toscano and menthol -- is the most intoxicating I have ever used in a soap. For a traditional wetshaver, it provides a bit of luxury to the everyday. I have enough shave soap that I will never need to buy any more, but if I ever buy any again, it will be SMN.

Jan Van Der Voort
Best of the best shaving soap!

Besides the incredible scent and excellent lather, this soap is by far the most moisturizing I've ever used! Even hours after your shave, you skin feels like it has just been treated with a balm. This for me sets the soap apart from its closest (?) contender, Martin de Candre!

Tyson Baker
Amazing product

The hint of menthol keeps it refreshing, the subtle scent of Tobacco Toscano (my favourite SMN scent yet) always a pleasure to have in my nose, and the great lather you get make this product my favourite shaving product I’ve ever used. Makes a clean shave ritual all the more pleasing

David Mold
Shaving cream

Average performance for price , and over priced, the before and after cream is good but overpricef

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