Liquid Soap for Intimate Hygiene

250 ml - 8.4 fl.oz.

A mild liquid soap with a fresh lavender scent. Recommended for intimate hygiene of the whole family. Paraben free. 

Scent: Lavender

Customer Reviews

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A staple I can’t live without

I love this product so much, it works very well and leaves me feeling so clean. I am never without it. The first time I bought it I felt that it was a luxury item because of the high price point but I use it every single day (sometimes twice) without fail and it consistently lasts me 8 months, to me that’s a bargain. The pump allows you to use only what you need vs other products that excessively glop out and waste half the bottle. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

Leslie Ross Lentz
The Soft Smell of Clean

I enjoy the liquid soap so much I bought it for Christmas gifts because it is special. Special fragrance, special feel, and it is enjoyable.
Thank you,

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