Peau d'Espagne

Eau de Cologne

100 ml - 3.3 fl. oz.

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Peau d’Espagne (Spanish leather) fragrance is a very old scent, originally formulated as an essence. As far back as the 16th century it was used to scent leather. It is a masculine fragrance, with a rich, exclusive bouquet of resinous and spicy notes.

Fragrance Notes: Dry woods leather 

Top: Calabrian bergamot, jasmine

Middle: violet leaves, hawthorn

Base: birch wood

Customer Reviews

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Enrique Veluz
A Classy Fragrance

Please read through the whole thing, because it does get better. When I first tried this fragrance in a SMN brick-and-mortar shop, I wasn't too pleased with the smell. To me it smelled similar to a toilet cleaning solution. It was rather anticlimactic because the reason I went to the store in the first place was because I was excited to try on this scent, but then I ended up getting Alba di Seoul instead. On my way home though, I was sniffing around, and I was smelling a strong and beautiful scent that seemed to be following me, and I realized it was the Peau d'Espagne that I sprayed on my wrist. And a day or two later, I decided to buy it too, and I've been loving it ever since.
Here's what I'm going to tell you. It'll be hard to describe the scent because you can't sniff through letters on a screen. I'll try though. After that "toilet cleaner" phase that lasts about 5 minutes, the scent gets sweeter and, to an extent, spicier. My experience of the scent reminds me of a really classy and sophisticated version of the new-car-smell, or the scent of a good barber shop. It reminds me of a nice aftershave or men's shampoo. But those words won't be of use to you. I'd recommend that you test it in-store and experience it for yourself.
It is a strong fragrance! I normally spray Alba di Seoul five times to get the scent to an intensity I want. When I tried PdE for the first time after purchase, I sprayed it just three times and I already thought I went overboard. I sprayed it on me before I left for work; and when I came home from work today, I still have the scent on me. This fragrance is strong, and a little really does go a long way. I sprayed a tiny amount on my wrist so I can write this review, but I can smell the scent in the air without having to put my wrist close to my nose. It's really that strong.
I highly recommend this fragrance. It's become one of my favorites from this house.

Andrew Evans
Peau d'espagne

This is one of the best, if not the best leather fragrance I have. It lasted for ages, even after showering. Highly recommend

William Armstrong
One of the Most Enthralling Fragrances Ever!

I first discovered Santa Maria Novella products at one of your boutiques while living in Bangkok over 10 years ago. I tried several of the other fragrances over time, but none stood out for me as much as “Peau d’Espagne”. After leaving Thailand I was based in Jakarta and located a small Santa Maria boutique there, but it was not well stocked and for the past 7 years was never able to find my favourite fragrance. Unexpectedly, while in Australia recently one of my daughters told me about the Santa Maria Novella flagship store in Sydney, so I ordered it online and received it within a week. I have been using it everyday since, and have received more complements from random people than ever. One in particular was a woman working in a cigar shop whom would not let me leave until I told her what the fragrance was, and where to buy it! Since then both my son (23 yr) and daughter (25 yr) have asked for the same fragrance, obviously demonstrating the incredible universal appeal of “Peau d’Espagne”, regardless of gender or age.

Wonderful fitting afternoon fragrance

When trying this fragrance in the shop in Genova I was captured by it. The shop employee advised me to try it and return back later that day. She was right, the scent kept changing and staying noticable (in mid winter time). I bought it right away. Pleant about it is that it is very distinct but not overweighted. Peau d'Espagne now is my favorite eau de Cologne for afternoon and evening use. Interesting is that even quite a lot of people ask for it for they like it too.


Francesco Paolo Pagnan

Peau d'Espagne

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