Colonia Russa

After Shave Lotion

100 ml - 3.3 fl.oz.

After-shave lotion in a solution of water and alcohol that refreshes and tones the skin after shaving.

Available in the following fragrances: Colonia Russa, Melograno, Patchouli, Tabacco Toscano, Vetiver.

After shaving, massage gently on the face.

Customer Reviews

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nice product

this is my first santa maria novella product and im very impressed to say the least, i didn’t know what to expect from the scent since it’s over 500 years old but it’s very unisex and clean it smells floral and a little bit of citrus just a very small hint, but no synthetic fragrance, product stings a little after applying but it’s to be expected since it contains alcohol but my face feels fine just a little cooking sensation that only lasts for a little bit after using, and i’ve noticed i get less break outs after shaving since i’ve been, and i only need to use a little bit so i think this is gonna last me for a while so i’d say it’s worth the price

jean claude DECORPS

On french please

James Sullivan
Very nice subtle scent

Very nice scent as their description was spot on with what was in it.

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