Melograno Scented Wax Tablets

Box of 2 Pieces

The scent of a precious fruit can store delightful olfactory memories. And a simple handmade wax tablet can perfume your entire wardrobe: Officina's icons, molded and refined by hand, are now available in the Firenze 1221 Edition. Melograno incorporates myrtle leaves and pink pepper, to give at every season a flourishing freshness to drawers and textiles.

The box contains two hand-made scented wax tablets, inspired by the Melograno Cologne fragrance and its notes of bergamot, spices and labdanum.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Lees
Luxury in scented tablets

I love the look and fragrance of the scented tablets. Each time I open my wardrobe, I feel spoiled.

Jo Hoeppner
Their "reach" is incredible

I bought some of these in October of 2022 when we were in Firenze. Seven months later they are still as fresh as they were the day I bought them. I'm somewhat obsessed with the scent. I have them in my lingerie drawer and in the linen storage and love how the scent follows the clothing/towels/sheets, but is not overpowering. I get just a little whiff off and on all day. Cannot wait to get more for the other places in my home where I've decided I need them!


Love these scented wax for my wardrobe last for at least a year

Lisa Kaminir

The Melograno scent is so lovely. I wish you would make more home products with it. Perhaps a candle or room spray?

Margaret O’Driscoll
Magnificently scented tablet

Love these and plan to perfume my wardrobe with them

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